The Golden Age of Decadence #0 Introduction

The first work is titled “The Golden Age of Decadence”.
It is drawn by Yutsuki Inumura(戌村ゆつき) and written by former Production I.G. scriptwriter, Yasunori Kasuga(春日康徳).
Set in 19th Century France on the outskirts of Paris, poets fight against spirits from the Lethe Valley known as Shades!
The mysterious and action-filled story of these poets begins now!


Artist: Yutsuki Inumura(戌村ゆつき)
Author: Yasunori Kasuga(春日康徳)
19th Century France. The outskirts of Paris.
Poets wage war against the spirits of the Lethe Valley!
Online publication begins November 2017 on Manga Planet!!


“Cocteau, become a poet.”
With his Quarto, this poet fights the spirits of the Lethe Valley.
After discovering Cocteau’s talent, he decides to raise him in the ways of a poet.


“I cannot even read or write. Knowing that, telling me to become a poet is…”
An 18 year-old boy from an orphanage.
Guided by the poet Baudelaire, Cocteau is entrusted with a book known as a Quarto.


The “white shadows” that assail authors.
These monsters are spirits of the Lethe Valley born from thoughts not verbalized.


“I see. How interesting indeed…”
A mysterious poet who appears in front of Cocteau.
Introducing himself as “À rebours Occultism,” he begins to attack.


The Golden Age of Decadence
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