Welcome to Manga Planet!

“Manga Planet” is a project that aims to introduce Japanese manga and anime to the world, as well as communicate with fans from around the world.
“I like this one,” “there is an author like this in my country,” and “look at what I made!” — If we could get these sorts of thoughts and support from everyone, this project will become even more enjoyable and successful.
Our goal is to see “Manga Planet” become a place of cultural exchange that connects the world’s fans with Japanese content.

Manga Planet team

Manga Planetへようこそ

Manga Planetは、日本のマンガ・アニメを世界に紹介し、世界中のファンとコミュニケーションを取ることを目指したプロジェクトです。
Manga Planetをきっかけに、日本のコンテンツと世界のファンが繋がる交流の場になれば幸いです。

Manga Planet 運営スタッフ