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Kizu Natsuki: From Doujinshi to Industry Like many popular Boys Love mangaka, Kizu Natsuki started as a doujinshi artist. Selling her Hetalia, Kuroko no Basuke and Haikyuu!! works under the name Gusari at events like Comic Market, Kizu Natsuki made a name for herself through her sensitive exploration of love and friendship in fanworks. In 2013, Kizu Natsuki made her manga industry debut in Be x Boy DX (Libre Shuppan) with Yukimura-sensei to Kei-kun (雪村せんせいとケイくん) and has since produced memorable Boys Love series Given (ギヴン) and Links (リンクス). Given ranked #7 Best Series by online Boys Love news and review website chil-chil.net. Additionally, the drama CD adaptation of Links ranked #4 Best BLCD (Boys Love CD) in 2017. To celebrate the fourth volume of Given, Kizu Natsuki’s original manga, and the fifth anniversary of her debut, Manga10 held the Given Illustration Exhibit. The exhibit ran from December 29, 2017 to…