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From Boys Love to Young Men Yoneda Kou, the gritty and erotic mangaka behind Twittering Birds Never Fly and NightS, has jumped into seinen manga with her new series, Op: Yoake Itaru no Iro no Nai Hibi. The title of her manga translates as Op: The Colourless Days of Yoake Itaru and follows the story of Yoake Itaru, a divorced investigator for an insurance company who solves cases other tend to avoid. Shosen bookstore is holding fair to celebrate the release of Yoneda Kou’s first seinen manga series. Fans can see copies of pages from manga along with an exclusive color illustration they could win after purchasing the manga’s first volume. Thanks to Shosen, Manga Planet had the opportunity to visit the fair and take photos! Like and share to celebrate Yoneda Kou’s seinen manga debut!   If you are in Tokyo, you can visit the fair at the Shosen…