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RAYZ OF LIGHT Action・Mystery・Sci-fi Writer: Yasunori Kasuga ・ Artist: Harami Yuuki In this future, advertisements have infiltrated fashion, and young people earn lucrative amounts of money by becoming affiliates. As affiliates, people wear devices attached to clothing that advertise products. However, crimes related to this advertising trend have increased. Law, a persona program, has teamed up with Reisen,
After School! Drama・Mystery・Sci-fi Writer: Yasunori Kasuga ・Illustrator: Umihara What survives after a nuclear apocalypse? Airi is an average 12-year-old girl. She goes to school, hangs out with her friends, and loves being outdoors. The thing is, she can only be outside for 30 minutes a day. Welcome to Airi’s life. A catastrophic nuclear war reduced
The Golden Age of Decadence Action ・Historical ・Shounen ・Supernatural Writer: Yasunori Kasuga ・Illustrators: Yutsuki Inumura What happens when writer’s block can literally kill you? Mysterious spirits from the Lethe Valley have invaded 19th century Paris and are stealing words from people. Poetry, however, can defeat these spirits. Blighted by the spirits, famed poet Baudelaire faces