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Are you a scanlator looking to go pro? A fan who dreams of becoming part of the manga industry? Or something in-between?

Here at Manga Planet, we realize trying to find job opportunities in the “industry” is difficult. Below are a handful of openings and resources related to the manga (and even the comic, webtoon, and anime) industry. This list will be periodically updated. But be warned, some job postings may expire before we have a chance to change it. (As a side note, we are not endorsing these companies or jobs.)

For those starting out, we hope this can be a resource and launching pad to budding careers! (Also, if you have a job tip you would like posted here, please email us at info@mangaplanet.jp or DM us on Twitter.) 

Animaru: Typesetters, Editors, and Translators

Description (from the official website):

“Amimaru Translation and Localization Services is a manga localization company working for Japanese publishers and other companies around the world.

We are currently looking for freelance translators, typesetters and editors to help us with a large manga translation project as well as on occasional smaller projects. We are looking for JP->EN, JP->KR, JP->CH translators, among other languages. This is a paid freelance job opportunity.

If you are applying as a typesetter, we require the following:

  • You know how to remove Japanese text from a raw image and redraw any missing artwork (Photoshop).
  • You have great lettering skills and are familiar with manga / comic lettering (Photoshop / Indesign)

For all positions, we require the following:

  •  You are able to deliver at least 200 pages of translated/typeset/edited manga per month.
  • You are open-minded and willing to improve your skills in response to feedback.

Please send your queries and applications to the following email address: hr@amimaru.com

Arc Communications: Freelance Translators

Description (from Manga Translation and Recruiting sections)

“At Arc Communications, we work with native translators who possess a comprehensive knowledge of Japanese subculture and are totally capable of providing high-quality services to our customers.

We provide DTP services such as adjusting the speech bubble layouts at a very reasonable price.  Besides, we carry out what is known as culture checks in order to insure that the linguistic level is adapted to the targeted country. This consists in making sure that the final translation would be acceptable to readers from a specific country and that no prohibited words (racist or such) or inappropriate expressions have been missed out.

At Arc Communications we are currently looking for freelance translators in the fields listed below.
For those interested, please apply for a trial translation. Following this, a passage of sample text for translation and an in-house skill sheet will be sent.

*Please refrain from applying for trial translations in multiple fields. Please apply for the field you specialize in.

Only applicants fulfilling any one of the following conditions may apply.

  • Candidate with 1 year or more paid translation experience (Freelance or in-house), Candidate who holds translation certification (ATA certification, etc.) *Please note that actual translation work will be requested in Japanese by e-mail or over the phone. In addition, candidates must also have a working use of Microsoft Office software such as MS Word and MS Excel.
  • Translation Trial Fields: Japanese-English (1) Business General
  • Translation Trial Process
    • Application for a translation trial/Receipt of text for translation: Application form here

      Trial translation text and skill sheet sent by Arc Communications

      Submission of finished trial translation, skill sheet (Japanese), resume and a detailed work history: Submission form here

      Trial evaluation is made, with the candidate being contacted by Arc Communications regarding future work.”

Crunchyroll (Ellation): Subtitle Script Editor (Japanese)

Description (from Greenhouse)

Part-Time (Contractor), San Francisco or Remote

We are looking for highly-motivated individuals who can assist in the localization of our Japanese content by editing subtitle scripts and other materials.


  • Edit, typeset, and/or QC anime and live-action titles (both catalog and simulcast


  • Familiarity with Japanese language
  • Fluency in English, both writing and speaking
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to work with aggressive deadlines for simulcasts
  • Previous experience as an editor of published materials
  • Familiarity with Aegisub and .ssa subtitle format

Crunchyroll: Crunchyroll is the world’s largest destination for anime and manga. We’re an international business focused on creating both online and offline experiences for anime fans, through content (licensed, co-produced, and originals), merchandise, events, gaming, news, and more.

Apply at Greenhouse.

Crunchyroll (Ellation): Translator and Subtitler (Japanese)

Part-Time (Contractor)

We are looking for highly-motivated individuals who can localize our Japanese content to English-speaking audiences.


  • Time, translate, typeset and/or QC anime and live-action titles to English (both catalog and simulcast)
  • Potentially translate manga to English
  • Translate web pages and other static text to Japanese


  • Fluency in Japanese, both writing and speaking
  • Fluency in English, both writing and speaking
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to work with aggressive deadlines for simulcasts
  • Familiarity with Aegisub and .ssa subtitle format
  • Experience subtitling anime and/or manga a big plus

Crunchyroll: Crunchyroll is the world’s largest destination for anime and manga. We’re an international business focused on creating both online and offline experiences for anime fans, through content (licensed, co-produced, and originals), merchandise, events, gaming, news, and more.

Curious Factory: Translator Wanted

Description (from the official website and recruiting page):

“Our team of translators has long experience in subcultural translation such as Manga, Game, Anime, Fan-sub so that we can precisely deliver the unique and creative quality of the original contents as well as applying the best alternative cultural expressions to the translation.

We are always looking for a qualified translator candidate for the following:

  • Japanese to Other Languages
  • Other Languages to Japanese
  • English to Other Languages

Flexible work hour and location-free! If you are interested in joining our team, please register from below.” (Please find the form on the official website.)

Lezhin Comics: Hiring Korean-English Translators (Freelance)

Description (from Craigslist)

“Lezhin Comics is looking for freelance Korean-English translators!

We are a Korean start-up focused on bringing the best webtoon content to readers around the world. We offer a variety of genres that range from action, sci-fi, BL, GL, mature, and everything in between.

We are looking for proficient and punctual Korean to English translators who not only have a native (or near-native) understanding of slang and colloquialisms in both languages, but also have a genuine passion for comics and storytelling.

If you’re interested in this position, please send us an English resume and cover letter (it doesn’t have to be long – tell us a little about yourself! Who are you? Why do you want to translate webtoons?), and two sample translations from two different Lezhin comics listed below.

  •  BL: 세워요 기사님! / 너와의 거리
  •  Romance: 연필의 각도 / 아람이랑 삽니다!
  •  GL: 율하엔딩 / 인스턴트 글라스
  •  Action: 모기전쟁 / 백은아란전
  •  Slice of Life: 하루의 하루 / 자살소년
  •  Mystery: 김철수씨 이야기 / 탐정 메모리즈
  •  Period: 조국과 민족 / 여혜

Please make sure sample translations are of an entire episode and from two different genres. Translation samples should be sent either in an Excel sheet or a Word document with the Korean dialogue and sound effects on the left, and the English on the right. Applicants located in Korea are preferred, but exceptions can be made.

Due to the number of applicants, we are unable to reply to everyone, but successful applicants can expect a reply within two weeks. Applications and inquiries should be sent to us_freelance@lezhin.com. Our rates are by word and competitive, and will be discussed with successful applicants.

**We are always hiring and are accepting applications on an ongoing basis.
**Applications without sample translations will not be considered.”

Lezhin Comics: Hiring Korean to English Translation Editor

Description (from Craigslist)

“Lezhin Comics is looking to add in-house Korean-English Translation editors!

We are a Korean start-up focused on bringing the best webtoon content to readers around the world.  We offer a variety of genres that range from action, sci-fi, BL, GL, mature, and everything in between.

Editors at Lezhin are perfectionists, have an eye for detail, and *love stories.*

If you are not an avid reader, what are you doing here?

  • 담당업무
    • Work closely with translators to create appropriate translation and localization strategies
    • Manage said translators for consistency and quality
    • Cross-check original Korean text with English translation to catch mistranslations (running the gamut from incorrect information [e.g. 케이크 bread], to nuance and voice)
    • Pinpoint and fix clunky English dialogue and narrative
    • Edit translations up to Lezhin standards
  •  지원자격 (필수 조건)
    • An advanced to native understanding of Korean, with advanced writing skills in English.
    • You must feel comfortable working with a range of Korean genre fiction including romance, high fantasy, and science fiction.
    • You should know the difference between 직역 and 의역, and when it is appropriate to implement either strategy.
    • We work in Photoshop, so you should also feel comfortable catching typos and mistakes without the aid of spell check (don’t worry if you’re not skilled in Photoshop – we can teach you!).
    • A lover of webtoons and comics
  •  우대사항
    • A background in non-technical translation
    • A background and/or interest in fiction writing
    • Professional editing experience]
  • ** Note: We do not sponsor visas”

For more information: https://github.com/lezhin/apply/blob/master/US_translator_editor.md

Renta!: Manga Translation Check

Description (in Japanese from Indeed)


翻訳者が仕上げた翻訳原稿(英文)とオリジナル原稿(和文)を読み比べて、一字一句確認し、訳抜けや誤訳、数字の転記ミスがないかどうか等を確認し、ミスがあれば訳文を正しく修正する仕事です。また、もし翻訳文に疑念があれば、翻訳者にやり直しの指示を出すこともあります。 基本的には誤訳、用語の統一、内容面のチェックを担当していただきます。








【勤務時間】 9:00~18:00 ※残業有






雇用形態: 正社員

給与: 200,000円 /月給


  • 英語 (必須)
  • 日本語 (必須)


YKS Services, LLC: Manga Translator-Letterer Wanted (JPN to ENG)

Description (from Craigslist):

“Oakland, Cali-based translation agency, YKS Services, LLC, is looking for Japanese > English manga translators, who can also letter manga in Photoshop. We have a long-term manga project starting soon and we need qualified individuals with a strong commitment and punctuality. The project will entail a weekly App-based publication of 20-30 pages of a manga title from a major Japanese manga magazine. Work will be credited.

We’ll ask you to take a 6-page trial. Applicants for translation only or *lettering only are also encouraged to apply.  * Having a beginner level understanding of Japanese, at least, for text placement, is preferred.

  • Language pair: Japanese into English
  • Language proficiency level: intermediate or higher (Understanding modern Japanese culture is a must)
  • Required software: Photoshop

Please email us your resume or CV in PDF.”

Interviews from the Manga Industry side

Local Manga Interview: Local Manga is a manga localization company that employs professionals with a scanlation past. With 25 years of localization experience between all staff members, Local Manga has worked on over 50 titles despite being a relatively new company.